Marotta: &#039摊地摊赚钱项目;Lotito feudal system'

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta slammed Lazio President Claudio Lotito for creating a “feudal system.”

“Perhaps clubs are too focused on individual interests and not what is best for Italian football as a whole. This is why we get into these situations every time it comes to dividing up television rights and other funds网上21点.

“We contributed to outlining a project of reformation for our football, but we are not happy with the people who are taking this forward.”

“The scenario we are faced with is frightening and overseas they laugh at us for our constant arguments, sniping and insults. It is unacceptable that someone representing the Federation says these things.”

There has been a surprising silence or even support from other Serie A Presidents, so Marotta warns it will be difficult to get Lotito or FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio out.

Lotito also said it would be “a disaster” if Carpi and Frosinone were promoted from Serie B, raising question marks over future results.

“Firstly, our President was one of those most eager to suggest a process of renewal a long time back and considered Tavecchio’s plans to be unsuitable,” noted Marotta.

The subject quickly turned to Lotito, who made very controversial comments in a taped phone call and

“I doubt Lotito is so powerful as to alter results, but he is in a position to make smaller clubs feel nervous when he says these things.”

“I ask what message can we send to our young people when there is a total lack of respect for other individuals. I feel like we’ve gone back to Medieval times with a feudal system and consolidated power.

Lotito even said Juventus President Andrea Agnelli “hates me” and is trying to hold back the renewal of Serie A.

“Sport is a valuable asset in Italian life, so I hope politicians can come forward and make a difference. Right now all Juventus can do is cast one vote in the Lega Serie A meetings. I fear we cannot do anything from within, so this requires political intervention from the outside to change matters.

“We always know that we have to get the best out of every game, regardless of other results. This is a dangerous fixture, partly because of the turf and partly as Cesena are fighting for survival, so will give their all.&rdquo澳门外围投注;

“The way certain comments emerged are to be condemned, but Lotito’s 在线外围投注ideas are very serious, especially coming from a Federation Counsellor. He said the Lega Serie A President counts for nothing and called the Lega Serie B President a cretin.

Marotta spoke to Sky Sport Italia ahead of tonight’s game against Cesena at the Stadio Manuzzi.